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Welcome to our exclusive tours of Italy. Dive deep into the heart of this beautiful country and experience its most iconic landmarks and hidden gems through our meticulously curated journeys.

Excellent Quality & Reliable Service

Aim Limo Rome provides to the travelers and cruisers the opportunity to discover the wonders of Italy’s cities with our intimate chauffeured and guided tour, we are specialized in creating tailor made private tours of Rome and day excursions from any Italian cruise ports to the most important cities of Italy.

Professionals & knowledgeable Driver’s Team

Our expert Tour and Transfer Drivers are professionally licensed, our drivers’ team have a long-standing in their job and every driver has been trained to handle any unexpected or emergency, from the Welcome to the Bye-bye we will provide you the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

Top Notch Experience

With a network of local partners covering the whole Italian Peninsula, we have been creating personalized itineraries in every corner of Italy. Our Office will help you make arrangements for a perfect private tour of Italy, allowing you to be part of Italian secret sceneries and artistic works of art.

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